Volume Discount to Boost AOV

May 12, 2023

How Volume Discount Increase AOV:

  • Incentivize customers to buy more: Customers are encouraged to buy more products in order to qualify for the discount.
  • Bulk purchasing: Customers are more likely to buy more of a product if they can save money by buying in bulk, which increases their total purchase value.
  • Creates urgency to buy: When you offer a volume discount with a deadline or an occasion (Black Friday, summer sales, Christmas sales, a weekly discount, etc), customers get motivated to make a purchase before the discount expires, this leads them to buy more products to take advantage of the deal and increase their total purchase value.

Why Do You Need a Volume Discount App?

With Shopify, you can only identify discount codes without rule sets. With a volume discount app, you can automate the discount process and ensure that discounts are applied automatically at checkout. This not only saves time and effort but also improves the customer experience by providing an easy and transparent way to receive discounts.

Fabrikatör suggests:

We've built partnerships with top-rated apps to support your growth while you're increasing your revenue. These apps help you create and manage your volume discount. Optimize and boost your AOV without breaking a sweat.

Give Volume Discount a try and see how it can support growing your business!

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