Key Benefits of Fabrikatör + Zero Integration

Real-time Sales and Inventory Insights

Fabrikatör seamlessly integrates with Amazon, offering sellers a detailed view of their sales and inventory in real-time. This integration allows you to synchronize your sales data with inventory levels, ensuring you can make strategic decisions based on the most current information.

Intelligent Restock Recommendations

Avoid stockouts and excess inventory with Fabrikatör's smart restock recommendations. By analyzing your sales history and current trends, Fabrikatör advises when to reorder inventory, ensuring you're always prepared to meet demand without overstocking.

Precise Demand Forecasting

With Fabrikatör, Amazon sellers can accurately predict future sales by leveraging historical sales data, seasonality, and promotional schedules. This predictive insight allows for more effective supply chain planning, reducing the risk of inventory shortages or surpluses.

Custom Reporting for Amazon Sellers

Generate customized reports to gain deeper insights into your Amazon store's performance. Fabrikatör enables sellers to track key metrics such as sales trends, inventory turnover, and profit margins. Tailor reports to your business needs and keep a pulse on your store's health.

Optimize Inventory Levels

Maintain the perfect balance of inventory with Fabrikatör's optimization features. By ensuring you have just the right amount of stock, you can improve cash flow and reduce storage costs. Fabrikatör helps Amazon sellers avoid the pitfalls of understocking or overstocking.

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