Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Does Fabrikatör provide any training or onboarding resources for new users?

Yes, Fabrikatör offers comprehensive onboarding resources for new users, including a free one-to-one onboarding session and an extensive help center filled with valuable information and guidance.

How quickly can I expect to see results from using Fabrikatör?

The initial setup of Fabrikatör and the import of your historical order data can take between 15 minutes to a few hours, depending on the size of the data. Once the setup is complete, you can start utilizing Fabrikatör's features and see results in your inventory management process.

Can I migrate from other applications?

Yes, you can migrate from other applications to Fabrikatör. Please contact our support team for assistance with the migration process.

Can I import my Excel and Google Sheets?

Yes, Fabrikatör supports importing data from Excel and Google Sheets. If you need assistance with importing your data, please feel free to contact our support team.

Do you have live support?

Yes, we provide live support through the chat feature located at the bottom right corner of our app and website. Our outstanding customer support team consists of supply chain experts who are always available to assist you.

Can Fabrikatör help me manage my inventory for both online and offline sales channels?

Yes, Fabrikatör can help manage your inventory for both online and offline sales channels as long as you use Shopify POS or track your store inventory on Shopify. This integration allows for seamless inventory management across all your sales channels.


How does Fabrikatör’s pricing work?

Fabrikatör's pricing is structured based on your monthly sales revenue. For stores generating less than $50k per month in gross sales, the cost is $99 per month. For stores with monthly sales between $50k and $200k, the fee is $149 per month. Stores generating between $200k and $400k in sales are charged $350 per month. Fabrikatör also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, Fabrikatör has a refund policy that includes a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 14-day free trial, allowing you to explore the features and benefits of the platform risk-free.

Can I see a demo or trial of Fabrikatör before purchasing?

Certainly, you can experience a demo or trial of Fabrikatör before purchasing. You can book a demo with us or visit our demo store at to explore the platform's features and capabilities.

How do I pay for Fabrikatör?

Payment for Fabrikatör is conveniently integrated into your Shopify billing process. The charges are added directly to your Shopify invoice, so there's no need to provide your credit card details or receive a separate invoice.

Integration and Compatibility

Can Fabrikatör integrate with my existing e-commerce platform or software?

Yes, Fabrikatör works fully in sync with e-commerce platforms. It is currently available for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. However, we constantly add new integrations so please don’t hesitate to contact us for requesting a new integration.

Does Fabrikatör handle multi-channel e-commerce businesses?

Absolutely, Fabrikatör supports multi-channel e-commerce businesses. As long as your other sales channels are integrated with Shopify, which serves as the source of truth for order and inventory data, Fabrikatör can effectively manage your inventory across multiple channels.

Does Fabrikatör integrate with my warehouse?

Yes, Fabrikatör does integrate with warehouse management systems, including Shiphero. We are continuously working on adding more integrations to enhance our compatibility with various warehouse systems.

Does Fabrikatör integrate with accounting solutions?

While Fabrikatör doesn't have a direct integration with accounting solutions at the moment, we offer customizable file export formats that can be easily imported into popular accounting systems such as Quickbooks.

Does Fabrikatör integrate with Klaviyo?

Yes, Fabrikatör seamlessly integrates with Klaviyo, allowing you to effectively manage your inventory and marketing efforts in one place.

Do you offer API connections?

Yes, Fabrikatör seamlessly integrates with Klaviyo, allowing you to effectively manage your inventory and marketing efforts in one place.

Do you have a mobile app?

While we don't have a dedicated mobile app, our web app is fully responsive and accessible on any device, providing you with the flexibility to manage your inventory on the go.

Functionality and Features

Is Fabrikatör or Inventory Planner better for small businesses?

Since Inventory Planner has a complex interface, higher prices, and costly onboarding may not be a good fit for your store. Fabrikatör is designed for the growing needs of small businesses with smaller teams, which would be the right answer to this question.

Does Fabrikatör or Inventory Planner offer better customer support?

Fabrikatör is a 5/5-rated app that is beloved by its customers and popular with its reliable customer support. On the other hand, Inventory Planner has many negative comments regarding this.

How can I migrate from Inventory Planner?

t’s easy. Please contact our support team for assistance with the migration process. Send us an email:

Which is better: Fabrikatör vs Cogsy?

It’s actually up to your eCommerce store’s needs. Do you need to learn more about Fabrikatör? Write to us:

Does Fabrikatör support inventory planning for bundle products?

Yes, Fabrikatör does support inventory planning for bundle products. We provide inventory forecasting and planning for both individual components and virtual bundles, ensuring accurate inventory management for bundled offerings.

Which is better: Fabrikatör vs Inventory Planner?

If you have a growing eCommerce store with a wide range of products and want to manage your eCommerce store profitably, it’s Fabrikatör.

How far does Fabrikatör go back in the historical data?

Fabrikatör typically uses the last 12 months of historical data for its analysis. However, if you require data from further back, we can accommodate your request and include older data in our analysis.

Does Fabrikatör automate purchase orders?

Absolutely, automating purchase orders is one of Fabrikatör's core features. You can easily create and share purchase orders with your suppliers, streamlining your inventory management process.

How does the forecasting algorithm work?

Fabrikatör's forecasting algorithm works by analyzing historical sales and inventory data to determine when, how much, and which products to restock. The algorithm continuously refreshes itself, updating every minute with real-time store data to ensure accurate and up-to-date forecasting.

Can Fabrikatör help me optimize my inventory levels to minimize waste or overstocking?

Yes, Fabrikatör is designed to help you optimize inventory levels, minimizing waste and preventing overstocking. By using our forecasting algorithm and inventory management features, you can maintain the right balance of stock and reduce excess inventory.

Does Fabrikatör provide any analytics or insights into my inventory performance?

Absolutely, Fabrikatör offers customizable reports and analytics, providing valuable insights into your inventory performance. These reports can be tailored to meet your specific needs and help you make informed inventory management decisions.

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