Latest Product Updates

May 20, 2024

🧮 New Suggested Restocks: Revamped restock calculations based on inventory projections, offering timeline views and insights into stock needs.

📝 Reports and Replenish Page Descriptions: Clear explanations added to Replenish and Reports page, along with the ability to add and edit custom report descriptions.

🌟 Long-Term Supply & Demand Plan Improvements: Edit product variants and months directly, with dynamic updates to the demand plan.

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April 23, 2024

🔢 PO Number Edit Settings: Now you can set prefix and start date directly from settings. Edit PO numbers easily from the Purchase Order page.

📐 Product Setup Required widget: Stay informed about missing lead time, forecasting days, days of stock, and supplier information.

🎯 New Onboarding Experience: Streamlined onboarding process for new users, including synced data display, easy setup of lead time, and scheduling demo meetings.

🧩 Long-Term Supply & Demand Plan Improvements: Enhanced navigation and visualization features for better control and insights.

📅 Overdue PO Emails: Receive daily emails about overdue POs and weekly reports every Monday.

💼 Fractional Bundle: Configure product bundles with fractional quantities for enhanced flexibility.

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March 19, 2024

🧭 Navigation Menu: Enhanced navigation experience with updated menu option.

⛴️📦 Freight Method & Tracking Code: Revamped Purchase Orders with separate areas for for order and shipment details. Includes new features like Freight Method and Tracking Code.

🌟Long-Term Supply & Demand Plan now offers more control and insights with new visualization features.

📝Bulk Edit on Product Page: Bulk editing capabilities for various product attributes on the Product Page, enhancing efficiency.

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February 21, 2024

🌟Introducing a groundbreaking feature still in beta: Long-term Demand & Supply Planning. Beta access is available only for selected users.

  • AI-powered demand forecasting
  • Seasonality and trends on forecasting
  • Customizable demand plan
  • Convert demand plans into "Recommended Purchase Orders"

📈Landed Cost allows you easily include additional costs like duty, freight, insurance, and customs directly into Purchase Orders.

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January 18, 2024

🔔Notifications for Multi Shopify Store Integration: Receive email alerts for completed inventory sync after adding a new Shopify store.

💾 One less click, auto save inputs: Auto-save feature eliminates the need for manual saving when updating inputs like Days of Stock, Minimum Order Quantity, and Batch Size.

📝 New Editable Filters All filters on Fabrikatör are now editable with a single click, reducing unnecessary clicks and making updates easier.

🐞And More! Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Explore the January 2024 Product Update

December 18, 2023

🔔 Improved Inventory Sync Notifications: Receive email alerts upon completion of inventory sync after changing locations, ensuring real-time updates.

💿 Improved Bulk Import/Export on Products Page: Enhanced data flexibility. Import key metrics like Lead Time and Days of Stock via CSV. Filter and export products by supplier seamlessly.

🚦 Distinguish Purchase Orders by Status: Efficiently filter purchase orders with new tabs – "Partially Received" and "Received," recognizing the varying status of orders.

💎 Backorders Improvement: Now edit buffer days on activated backorders, offering flexibility. Change shipment date format on your store with support for ""

🐞And More! Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Explore the December 2023 Product Update

November 16, 2023

📦 MOQ and Batch Size Item Warnings: Now, MOQ and Batch Size warnings appear next to each product on the Purchase Order screen, enhancing visibility. Easily identify items not meeting required quantities, allowing swift adjustments on a per-item basis for informed purchasing decisions.

⛴️✈️ Freight Planner: With the new Freight Planner feature, you now have access to intelligent suggestions that assist them in choosing the most suitable freight type for each purchase order and deciding which freight type they should use based on project savings

🛒 Duplicate Product Detection: Fabrikatör now detects and warns about duplicate products in Purchase Orders. Prevent creation of orders with duplicated items, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your procurement process.

🐞And More! Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Explore the November 2023 Product Update

October 12, 2023

🛍️ Multiple Shopify Store Integrations : We just launched the Multiple Shopify Store Integration feature. With this integration, you will see the sales revenue of multiple stores in one place, and your backorders will be synced across stores.

📦 Batch Size& Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): Adjust order quantities based on batch size and MOQ preferences. Simplify the ordering process with predetermined amounts, ensuring compliance with required order quantities.

📤 Product Bulk Update & Export: Easily export and update product details in bulk. Streamline management by quickly updating Supplier SKU, MOQ, and Batch Size for increased efficiency.

🐞And More! Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Explore the October 2023 Product Update

September 14, 2023

🚀 New Feature: PO Reject🛡️ Introducing "PO Reject", easily reject purchase order items, whether unreceivable, damaged, or sent by mistake.

🌐📅 Backorder Date Formats: Choose how date formats appear on backordered products. Flexibility to adapt to your website's language.

🏷️ Buying Price in Shopify: Addressed the issue – now retrieves buying price info for freshly created products in Shopify.

📅 Date & Numbers Settings: Customize date and number formats on Fabrikatör. Choose between European or US formats for a personalized experience.

📝 Shopify Vendor Info for Product Blacklisting: Utilize Shopify vendor information for product blacklisting, in addition to tags and product types. Contact us to hide products based on vendors.

🐞 And More! Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

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August 29, 2023

Freight Planner : With the new Freight Planner feature, you now have access to intelligent suggestions that assist them in choosing the most suitable freight type for each purchase order and deciding which freight type they should use based on project savings

Backorder Theme Extension: Whether you're adding items from search results, collection pages, or the product page, you'll now see the expected arrival date and preorder buttons directly in your shopping cart. This lets your customers easily view the ETA and preorder items that are currently on backorder.

🐞And More! Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Explore the August 2023 Product Update

December 1, 2022

The settings page and Notification Settings are live : You can now control who gets which emails from Fabrikatör in the freshly designed Settings page. Visit your Settings page or checkout the documentation to see details.

Share your reports with your colleagues with a click: You do not need to save your reports to be able to share them anymore. Just click on the share button and get a report link. Checkout the details

Archiving a purchase order stops all open backorder records.

Implemented a granular data-fetching process to handle historical sales imports from Shopify.

Handle big refund webhook response coming from Shopify

🐞And More! Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Explore the December 2022 Product Update

March 1, 2022

Reports feature is now live for all accounts : We’re pleased to announce that the feature is now accessible to all Fabrikatör users. You can create and save your own custom reports by adding filters, columns, and groups. Freedom to data ✌️ 
Purchase orders support cost tracking! : It’s now possible to track your purchase orders cost without a hassle. Whenever you create a purchase order, unit prices of your products are going to be filled automatically if you’ve entered buying prices into your Shopify store. Don’t worry, you can always change unit price data.

Growth Goals tracking is live!: You can set target revenue, AOV, and goals for critical metrics. All can be accessible under Control Center.

🐞And More! Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Explore the March 2022 Product Update

September 1, 2021

Add Supplier SKU to Products : Easily manage supplier SKU codes alongside your own under each product. Supplier SKUs will be included in purchase orders, enhancing communication and order processing.

Improvement on Product Autocomplete Results : Enhanced product autocomplete on purchase order forms now displays matched products when searching by SKU or barcode number, improving efficiency and accuracy.

🐞And More! Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Explore the September 2021 Product Update

August 1, 2021

Improved Daily Average Sales Calculation: Enhanced accuracy in restock count suggestions by excluding out-of-stock days and adjusting for forecasting days and the first day of product sales.

Listing Filter Items in Alphabetic Order: All filter items are now alphabetically listed for easier navigation.

Editing Approved Purchase Orders: Removed locking mechanism for approved POs, allowing updates with a warning for better flexibility.

Renamed Menu Items & Additional Info: Improved clarity with updated menu and table column names and definitions.

Tax Number Limitation Removed: Removed validation for supplier tax numbers to support diverse tax number storage.

🐞And More! Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Explore the August 2021 Product Update

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