We help DTCs to make wise and confident supply decisions.

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Our Mission

We democratize industry-level supply planning technologies for everyone in the eCommerce space.

Even the most successful DTC founders have stories about supply issues nearly killing their business. We hear you; the supply chain is complex and hard to predict. We are committed to building technologies that turn supply operations into a strength rather than a nightmare!

Meet the founders

Demirhan Aydin


Bahadir Efeoglu


People who already love us

“It's so helpful to have data that allows us to plan our inventory based on what is already selling well, and to have projections of what the shop may look like based on current sales.

Eva St. Clair
Co-founder — Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder

“We really love using this app for low stock alerts! Daily and weekly updates and insights are SO helpful. We 100% recommend their service for any business owner who has a good amount of SKUs!”

Bridgett Betka
Shipping Team — Reesabobeesa

"Being out of stock has been a major source of lost revenue for us and you can easily justify the cost if it can even reduce 10% of lost revenue from stock outs."

Dr. Ron See
Co-founder — Dr. Woof Apparel

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