Key Benefits of Fabrikatör + Zero Integration

Gain a Real-time Overview of your Sales and Inventory

Fabrikatör works seamlessly with Shopify, enabling you to align your sales targets with your current sales and inventory data. Make informed decisions with a comprehensive overview of your operations.

Restock for the Ideal Amount on Time

Fabrikatör provides restock recommendations by taking the incoming purchases and past sales performance. It takes a few seconds to create new purchase orders to handle replenishment operations.

Forecast Demand Accurately

Take the guesswork out of your supply planning with Fabrikatör's demand forecasting feature. By analyzing past sales performance, seasonality, and marketing dates, you can handle your D2C store's supply planning with confidence and precision.

Create Custom Reports

Increase the visibility of your sales and inventory with Fabrikatör's custom reporting feature. Whether you need ABC analysis, revenue loss reports, or insights into deadstock, Fabrikatör has you covered. Tailor reports to your needs and keep your business's pulse at your fingertips.

Prevent Out-of-stock & Overstock

Are fluctuations in inventory levels causing you headaches? Fabrikatör's inventory optimization keeps your inventory levels at the optimum, swinging the balance in favor of increased cash flow and reduced stock issues. Manage your inventory with the assurance that you're always prepared for what's n

Handle Preorders & Backorders

Manage backorders and inform customers with estimated arrival dates on your Shopify store. With Klaviyo integration, create automated emails to increase customer satisfaction.

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