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There is an easier way, your inventory software should not feel like a puzzle!
Following a 30-minute private onboarding call, you will be ready to start forecasting and planning your next PO.
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Migrate your inventory planner to Fabrikatör
UsabilityIntuitive designRequires expertise
Purchase OrderYesYes
BundleNative supportRequires another app
Klaviyo IntegrationYesNo
Free Trial14-day14-day
Private OnboardingYesNo
App Store Rating5-stars4.9-stars
Pricing99$ - 350$49$ - 999$

Make Revenue Driving Supply Decisions with Confidence!

Minimize risks in your supply plans, discover opportunities and act on time.


Set growth goals

Set data driven, ambitious growth goals with ease

Execute tasks

Automate and execute operational tasks

Track progress

Get a quick snapshot of your progress in real time
Act on time Icon

Act on time

Act on the risks and opportunities on time
Shopify Inventory management

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Frequently Asked

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Does this app work on my store?

Our app works seamlessly with all Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. If you are managing more than 50 SKUs and have at least 6 months of order history for most of your products, then Fabrikatör is the right choice for you!

Do you provide customer service?

Yes! You can reach us via live chat and email. Most of our users shared their satisfaction over our customer service in their reviews. Check them out here: https://apps.shopify.com/fabrikator#reviews

Do you support multiple warehouses?

Yes! You can connect multiple warehouses and manage them all together.

How long does it take to setup?

Fabrikatör is a plug and play solution with no technical integration steps. It is ready to use within minutes. Although, we highly encourage all our users to participate the 30 minutes onboarding call for a faster adoption.

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