Inventory Management Excel Spreadsheet Template

February 16, 2024

As Fabrikatör, we created a simple Excel document to help you manage your eCommerce inventory movements seamlessly. With this handy tool, creating an Excel inventory tracking table is a breeze, and it's completely free! 🫂

Despite its many shortcomings, Excel is one of the most preferred ways of tracking inventory. eCommerce business owners often search for ways to create Excel inventory tracking tables, but many free solutions on the market fall short of meeting the needs of eCommerce. In this article, we offer an Excel inventory tracking program that simplifies inventory management for your production, making it easy and efficient. ✨

If you need a free way to track inventory input and output in Excel, our Inventory Tracking Excel document can make your job much easier. 🤝

What is an Inventory Tracking Excel Document?

Our Inventory Tracking Excel document is a practical and useful solution you can use through Excel. 👀 With its user-friendly & simple interface, you can easily track and manage your inventory.

Downloading Inventory Tracking Free Excel Spreadsheet

You can now download our Inventory Tracking Excel document to your computer, and you can use it anywhere, anytime.

Download the free template

How Can You Use Excel Inventory Tracking Document?

The Inventory Tracking Excel document will give you a screen like the one below. On this screen, you will find:

  • Lot Number: The number of the inventory movement.
  • Product Name: The name of the product is subject to inventory movement.
  • Position: The product's current location is subject to inventory movement (you can update this area in a way specific to your company).
  • Amount of Stock: The current status of the product is subject to inventory tracking in inventories.
  • Required Quantity: How much to order from the existing product for production.
  • Order Amount: The current number of your orders.
  • Order Code (optional): The order tracking code you specify.
  • Order Date: The date on which the order subject to the inventory transaction is processed.
  • Estimated Delivery Date: Estimated delivery date of ordered product.

📍From these columns, you can manage your inventory tracking processes by filling in the fields you need for your inventory management.

Excel Limitations When Managing Inventory for Your eCommerce Store

There are several challenges you may experience while managing your eCommerce inventory on Excel:

Higher Chance of Human Errors: Manual data entry in Excel increases the risk of errors, with studies showing that up to 90% of Excel files contain misleading data. As data volume grows, so does the likelihood of mistakes. ⚠️

Lack of Real-Time Data: Excel's manual data entry process results in delays, hindering fast decision-making due to the time required for data entry and updates. ⏰

Misleading Reports and Inventory Information: Limited collaboration and outdated data flow in Excel can lead to inaccurate reports and inventory data. As inventory complexity increases, manual tracking and forecasting become challenging, contributing to stockouts. 📉

Integrating with Third-Party Apps: eCommerce store merchants can enhance inventory management efficiency by integrating with apps like Fabrikatör. This tool prevents stockouts, offers advanced reporting, and provides sales forecasting. 🧩

While Excel might work for small businesses or newcomers with just a few products, it can burden others, especially as they grow. For eCommerce businesses needing quick product delivery, specialized inventory tools are key. Such tools provide real-time updates, demand forecasting, operational automation, and more ensuring a smooth inventory process and keeping up with the highly compatible eCommerce world.

Inventory Management with Excel? Not Anymore… Here is Fabrikatör!

An image showing inventory management screen when using Fabrikatör.

In this blog, we provided you with an Inventory Tracking Excel document, which we hope you find beneficial. With this document, you can track your inventory with Excel, for free.

On the other hand, the inventory management process is not that simple, right? Excel might not be the right inventory tool for you, especially if you want to expand your eCommerce business. If you ask why, we strongly suggest you read Excel Limitations in Inventory Management. 📖

Fabrikatör can be a profit generator go-to tool for your eCommerce store. It provides seamless integrations and operates automatically. Besides, the good news is that Fabrikatör is 5/5 rated on the Shopify App Store. 🎉

Book a demo now for Fabrikatör and discover how to manage your inventory effortlessly and intelligently. ⭐🚀✨

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