Shopify vs Amazon: Which Platform is the Best for Your Business?

Shopify vs Amazon: Which Platform is the Best for Your Business?

There are two online platforms which are Shopify and Amazon. Shopify is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company based in Ottawa, Ontario. It is also the name of the registered E-Commerce platform for online stores and retail point systems. Besides, Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is a United States-based e-commerce and cloud computing company. It was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994, in Seattle, USA. It is the largest shopping site in the world in terms of total sales volume and market value.

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The Difference Between Shopify and Amazon

When we look at these companies we see location difference firstly. Shopify is a Canadian company on the other side Amazon is a United States-based company. If we look at their effect size, Amazon is seen largest online shopping company in the world. So, Shopify’s volume is smaller than Amazon. According to some views, these are very different things from each other. Amazon is a defined marketplace and you can buy and sell products. But Shopify is a defined eCommerce platform. In this platform, you can create, design and manage websites. Shopify uses innumerable marketing techniques to generate traffic and making a successful website. They make websites for example like Amazon. That means you can create websites about online shopping. Actually, they serve different things.

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Shopify Pros/Cons

In internet voting, Shopify takes 4.2/5 points. At this point there are pros and cons of Shopify. Shopify provides a wide range of themes to users. It also allows us to sell physical and digital products. There are huge pros for Shopify about creating websites. It allows for creating websites without coding or design skills. This is a huge advantage for users because nowadays finding website creators is expensive. You should pay money to create and design a website but Shopify saves you from paying money.

Thanks to Shopify you do not need a developer. But there are people who are familiar with HTML and CSS will be satisfied with discover this platform which provides both systems. Shopify is a solution for example you do not need to buy web hosting or install software anywhere. That is why you do not handle any further process and this is also important pros. You can use this from anywhere which means you can manage your store from anywhere you do not need to belong somewhere.

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In the Shopify payment processor, email marketing tools are provided with Shopify service. You can customize your store to meet more individual requirements. There is a lot of users of Shopify which is $319 bn sales that is why there is big trust in Shopify. But there are also some cons about Shopify. Yes, you do not need to pay any website developer but if you want to use Shopify you need to pay to Shopify. Unfortunately, Shopify is paid. On the other side, there are some legal issues in Europe. Shopify meets most of the requirements but when cookie consent comes Shopify cannot meet some requirements. There are EU’s GDPR laws and to provide GDPR requirements you need to display a cookie banner. But Shopify falls down a bit about these requirements. These were the pros/cons of Shopify.

Amazon Pros/Cons

There are a lot of numbers of customers to visit Amazon. That is why there are more sales in Amazon and most of the world it is known as the best place for selling and shopping. In Amazon, products have credibility and trust and every retailer gains these automatically. Because users are more willing to buy the product from Amazon rather than any other website.

Pros and Cons

Amazon gives promise of excellence and great service and this promise convinces people to buy the product from Amazon. In some countries, online shopping has not developed yet but even in this situation, users prefer Amazon over any other website. Amazon selling products is very easy. This is also one of the pros of Amazon. And you can also sell items in different markets. In Amazon retailer can quickly test if his/her products are suitable to the global users by creating a listing on a local Amazon. You do not have to handle local payment systems, logistics, and operations.

Amazon attracts people daily and they visit Amazon daily and sellers can earn money daily thanks to this. Besides these advantages of Amazon there are also cons of Amazon. For example, there is high competition on Amazon. Competition is severe on Amazon. That is why you need to have a long-term strategy. If you do not have you may lose the race. And you may be at the bottom in terms of pricing. If you’re selling the same product with other sellers you will be competing with them for the Amazon Buy Box. Amazon's product pages are ordered by-products and in Google Shopping it is not like that. If you have the same product with other sellers Amazon decides which seller is the best fit. And this is not fair. Because of Amazon’s decide bottom sellers cannot have a chance to go up in pages. These were the pros and cons of Amazon.

Which is better for your business?

When we talked about both Shopify and Amazon users immediately ask a question that is which is better for my business? Actually, there is no exact answer to this question because the answer depends on what kind of business do you think? If you want to create independent business and store on the internet you should use Shopify. Because in Shopify there is no deciding action from Shopify. You are more independent and you create your own store. You do not depend on other sources. But you have to pay money to Shopify.  

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If you just want to sell something and you do not want the big business things you just want to sell and you do not want to pay money, you should use Amazon.  In Amazon maybe you are not shown in the top list and may you cannot sell your products. There are both pros and cons to both of them. Deciding is yours. I wish you will decide the best thing for you.

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