You have a company and you have been asked to produce uniform products. Do you know how to do that? Add batch production among the solutions you're looking for because with batch production, you'll be able to produce thousands of the same product. If you're wondering what batch production is and why manufacturers prefer it, read on.

What is Batch Production with an Example?

Manufacturers use a lot of ways to make everything they produce more useful and produce products more effectively. One of these ways is batch production. Thanks to this method, products are produced in batch form instead of being produced one by one. Each stage of production takes place "at the same time", and it is not possible to move on to the next stage until one stage is completed for the whole batch. For example, cookies produced in bulk every morning in a bakery are a batch production. The process of producing products in a group is a batch process.

Why Do Manufacturers Use It?

A company that uses Batch production produces a variety of products instead of some kind of product. This variety also means that potential customers are more likely to buy products and customers are more likely to have options. Also, a company that produces products through this process does not concentrate on a single product thanks to batch production. The result is a lot of products that are different from the same type.

Advantages and Disadvantages

If you are investigating the most appropriate production process, you should thoroughly examine the benefits of batch production and what it can take away from you. Here are the advantages of batch production:

  • It would be cheaper to produce in bulk than to produce only one product at a specific time.
  • Machines can be used to benefit more, which can bring great savings to your company.
  • More flexibility can mean less risk. If you give attention to a single product to a product group, you can make more profit.
  • Getting rid of a batch instead of discarding hundreds of products in a loop will cost you less when you're faced with a bad surprise.
  • Batch production is better in terms of customers' demands because as the season changes, demand changes and you will receive orders accordingly.
  • In Batch production, machines do not work continuously actively. This gives you a positive cost chart.


  • It's a fact that Batch production can't be suitable for every manufacturing. So if you don't know, the disadvantages you're about to read will save your company perhaps a great loss:
  • In manufacturing factories, some products go through quality control and quality assurance stages as a procedure. Any batch that enters these stages can cause an increase in employees' downtime.
  • Batch products can be produced a lot and will also need to be stored. Storage costs can put you in a difficult position if you are not financially available.
  • Do we need to compare one mistake and thousands of errors? An error in a product may not be that important, and it may be a compensation for the error, but the error in the batch is a mistake in thousands of products, and you may be caught with a huge waste of time.
  • Batch production is not suitable for you if you want your product to be unique. Because it is not possible to personalize thousands of products that you will produce at the same time.

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