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Overcoming Challenges: How Hey Honey Yoga Leveraged Fabrikatör to Sustain Growth

Hey Honey Yoga used Fabrikatör's features to manage inventory effectively, maintain the company's sustainability commitment, and solidify its leadership in eco-conscious yoga wear.
Hey Honey Yoga

About Hey Honey Yoga

👥 Team Size: 7 | 📍 Hamburg, Germany | 🧘 Apparel | 🛍️ Shopify

Hey Honey Yoga is more than just a brand—it's a lifestyle born out of passion and purpose. Founded in 2015 by Imke von Johnston and Janka Oeljeschlager, Hey Honey emerged from a shared vision to revolutionize yoga wear with a sustainable twist. Drawing from their fashion and textile management backgrounds, Imke and Janka set out to infuse innovative design and comfort into every stitch of Hey Honey's creations. Their mission? To empower the modern yogini with sophisticated, eco-conscious apparel that seamlessly transitions from the mat to daily life.

In 2017, Hey Honey welcomed Tomma Oeljeschlager into the fold, completing the sisterly trio and further enriching the brand's creative prowess. Together, Imke, Janka, and Tomma lead a dedicated team based in Hamburg, where each member brings their unique talents and boundless passion to the Hey Honey ethos.

Very easy and insightful tool to use + new updates that we didn't knew we needed until they came out!
Adrian Greiner
Business Development & Operations


Hey Honey Yoga faced several challenges as it expanded its operations and aimed to maintain its commitment to sustainability. These challenges included:

📦 With a growing customer base and increased variety of products, Hey Honey needed to effectively manage inventory to avoid overstock and out of stock issues. Besides, the risk of running out of stock for popular items threatened to impact customer satisfaction and hindered Hey Honey's ability to capitalize on sales opportunities.

♻️ They also needed to ensure the timely procurement of sustainable materials, which was crucial for maintaining production schedules and meeting customer demand without compromising on quality.

🌍 Hey Honey faced the challenge of optimizing logistics for global shipping while minimizing environmental impact.

💰 Another challenge they faced was maintaining financial stability while adapting to fluctuations in market demand and production costs.


To address these challenges, Hey Honey Yoga decided to use Fabrikatör and benefit from its innovative features:

  • Quick Purchase Order: Streamlining procurement processes with Fabrikatör's Purchase Order functionality enabled Hey Honey to maintain a steady supply chain and meet customer demands efficiently.
  • Freight Planner: Optimizing logistics operations with Fabrikatör's Freight Planner minimized shipping costs and maximized efficiency, facilitating global delivery while reducing environmental impact.
  • Realistic Revenue Goals: Setting clear revenue targets using Fabrikatör's feature helped Hey Honey stay focused and motivated, driving business growth with purpose and intention.
  • Backorder: Using Fabrikatör's Backorder feature, Hey Honey ensured that no customer was left empty-handed, even when products were temporarily out of stock.


Through the strategic use of Fabrikatör's features, Hey Honey Yoga successfully navigated its challenges and solidified its position as a leader in sustainable yoga wear. By combining innovation with sustainability, Hey Honey inspires a community of empowered yogis, embodying its mission with each stylish and eco-conscious creation.

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