How To Make Shoppable Videos In 3 Steps

June 15, 2023

Four Real-life Examples of Shoppable-Videos

First things first, what are Shoppable videos? These are those videos that are interactive. These types of videos allow viewers to shop directly from it. This happens via CTAs in the form of links, buttons, or hotspots that take the viewer to the product page (PDP). This is where they can make a purchase. These combine the power of video marketing with E-commerce to provide a seamless shopping experience for clients. Before, having a look at how to make shoppable videos, let me familiarize you with examples that you may have come across:

Unboxing Videos

These are those videos you find on the internet that show people unboxing and describing products. These have received a lot of traction, particularly among influencers in the IT and Video game industries. They demonstrate a new type of engaging material. So, why has this approach become so popular in the electronics and Video game industries? We see people, even influencers, reviewing new phones or controllers and demonstrating how it looks right out of the box. Unboxing videos are an excellent method to develop anticipation, hook your attention and give a product an immersive experience. They provide useful information about a product's packaging, design, features, and general quality. By giving visual demonstrations and highlighting essential components of the goods, unboxing videos can encourage your traffic in making better-informed decisions.

Black shoes that is newly unboxed

Photo by mahabis footwear on Unsplash

Welcome Videos

These videos are pop-up videos that appear on your screen when you visit a new site. The goal of these is to welcome new visitors to their website. This is done by brands to make their audience feel welcome and wanted. As soon as traffic comes on to your website, using this form would be good to give your company story. Think of this as a marketing video, as you can use it to inform potential customers about your business. It is also a useful tool for directing visitors to and from your site.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are another type of shoppable video. This is, in my opinion, one of the most successful methods. If you have feedback, make sure to include it on your site. You're probably asking why I believe these are so significant. This is because, for me, seeing videos of consumers rating a product on a website demonstrates credibility and openness. It additionally gives me an indication of what I may expect from this business. This is also a type of user-generated content. Furthermore, when I view someone evaluating a good via a site, I also get to see it from any and every angle. This provides me with the full depth of the item. All of this makes me trust the site, and so I would personally click the URLs in the video, add it to my cart and make the purchase.

Online website page showing customer reviews of nail art.

Thank-you Videos

Last but not least is the thank-you video form. This may appear to be a bit complicated, but let me explain why this is a beneficial form for you. When you deliver a customised video to a customer after they have purchased anything from you. The goal is to humanize the experience and satisfy visitors throughout the post-purchase phase. Customer retention is one of the most important benefits this may provide. In my opinion, one of the most crucial components of a business is customer retention. This is due to the fact that it saves you time and money spent on marketing in order to acquire new customers.

The Benefits of Shoppable Videos

A Contemporary Customer Experience

Shoppable videos, which allow users to interact with products directly in the video, can give a modern customer experience. Shoppable videos have grown in popularity as video content. All of this offers us a very simple yet exciting method for clients to discover and purchase things. Consumers may simply access product details and make purchases by using clickable links and CTAs in the video. This is due to improved technology, which eliminates the requirement for the client to leave the video or browse via multiple sites.

Furthermore, shoppable films can be tailored to match the demands and interests of various clients. By doing research on their different target markets, businesses can create personalized shoppable videos that show their product ranges that are intriguing to each individual client.

An online shopping page showing the reviews of customers.

Higher Consumer Engagement

Customers enjoy a captivating experience when they watch shoppable videos. It enables shoppers to see products in a different and distinct way. This significantly raises the likelihood of a purchase. Shoppable videos can enhance and improve customer engagement by allowing them to directly connect to products in the video. This is beneficial since clients like us can simply obtain information with a single click. We prefer to do it even more because it is so straightforward and the link does not take us away from the video. It's all due to its simplicity. Another benefit that you receive from this format is that you get data about the click-through rate as well on your videos. Hence, this is why Vidjet specializes in this so that it can give its users the complete toolset to attain this.

Boosting Your Conversion Rates

This video format can significantly improve your conversions. Consumers will benefit from a more interactive and convenient purchasing experience. As previously stated, this occurs because it enables users to purchase immediately from the video. So, how can this help you? If you use this method, the number of steps in the purchasing process will be considerably reduced. For the clients, this results in an exceedingly smooth experience. All of these properties of shoppable videos increase the likelihood of increased conversions, which leads to your consumers buying more. This is why you should put in place this strategy, as it is vital for your store.

Make Shoppable Videos In 3 Steps

Shoppable videos have become an extremely popular tool on social media now. So, if you're looking to boost sales and enhance the shopping experience for customers. Start implementing these interactive video formats on your online store, here are the necessary steps to get started:

1. Record: Short Videos and Repurpose Old Ones

The transition to video shopping is simple. In reality, it's fairly simple. If your company already uses short, informative material on social media. This video format will be easy for you. This is due to the fact that generating a shoppable video only requires you to shoot a brief video. The distinction is made in post-production. This is due to the inclusion of several types of CTAs.

However, if your company specializes in live shopping. It's incredibly simple to make the shift to shoppable videos. All you have to do is cut and edit the information into shorter videos that focus on a single product. Furthermore, for brands that do not yet have short films. Don't worry, it's super simple, just click on this link, and it has all the steps listed for you in detail. It will give you a full breakdown of how you can use and implement it.

2. Modify: Video Feeds, and Link Products on Them

1) Plug in the website

The first thing you must do is to integrate the shoppable video on your website. This means that you need to make an account and connect it to your online store. Vidjet makes this process seamless and swift by providing codeless options as well as pre-existing codes that you just need to copy and paste.

2) Produce feeds of short videos,

After you complete that step, the next thing you have to do is to create brief videos. These short videos must show the products that you would like to sell. These videos are simple to create and can actually be made in-house. If you want to produce high-end ones, you can use the proper equipment to create professional-level videos.

3) Link products on videos,

Businesses can tag products directly on the videos using the shoppable format. This means that while viewing the video, viewers can click on the products to be sent immediately to the product page on the site. This is the most crucial phase of the funnel because it leads to customer conversions. Our partners at Vidjet allow their users to add fun and interactive widgets to make your videos more engaging and immersive. This will help your customers to stay on your videos for even longer.

4) Choose a presentation format,

The shoppable format is such a useful component to have because of the different displays it offers. It has options ranging from pop-ups, also known as bubbles, to overlays. Depending on these formats, you can tag your products accordingly. These tags are on the video and can be customized to fit the business's branding.

An image showing the process of choosing a format for Shopify videos.

3. Posting:

When it gets to the posting of shoppable videos. You have two options for distributing these videos. These pages can be seen on your homepage and PDP. Let me now explain why these are the two most important pages for you:

  1. Homepage: This is crucial because it is one of the first things potential clients see about your company. You will need to include shoppable videos on your homepage. This is essential to your business because the clickable URLs will direct attention to your PDP. Not only will this improve traffic, but it will also improve your engagement.
  2. Product pages: Now, move on to the page where you want to drive traffic. This is the case with PDP. This is where traffic converts into customers. All of this can be done by using shoppable videos that engage you. Visitors coming to your businesses can have an involved and intriguing experience. Shoppable videos will not only improve the user experience but will also assist your traffic in deciding to purchase the goods or services you offer. 

Our partners, at Vidjet, provide an on-site marketing tool that turns your traffic into customers with the use of short videos. Moreover, they help you to reuse your old content from your social media and repurpose them onto your website. The best part is that our partner's solution is user-friendly, modern, and adaptable whether it be a phone, a tablet, or even a computer. Our partners are offering their new users, 20% off, so click on this link and sign up!!

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