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Empowering Growth: How Apfelband Revolutionized Inventory Management

Discover how Apfelband, a leading online retailer of Apple Watch accessories, transformed its inventory management with Fabrikatör's innovative solutions, driving efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

About Apfelband

👥 Team Size: 20 | 📍 Rheinzabern, Germany | ⌚ Watchband | 🛍️ Shopify

Apfelband, started in early 2020 as a side project by Nathanael, sparking from a mere passion for Apple Watches and their accompanying bracelets into a thriving online store**.** Starting as just a fun Instagram blog, it quickly grew into a full-blown store, and Nathanael officially founded Apfelband GmbH in January 2021. By May 2021, they upgraded their warehouse and office in Rheinzabern, marking a big step forward. Now, with a team of 20, Apfelband is all set to keep bringing fresh new Apple Watch goodies to fans everywhere.

Very easy to use app for managing your restocks. The most important tool is, to enter lead times and on stock times, so you don’t just have enough stock, but have not to much stock of not good selling items. Thank you for helping us solving our logistics issues :).
Nathanael Ziegler
Founder and CEO of apfelband


As Apfelband kept growing, they ran into all the usual hurdles of running an online business. The biggest one? Keeping their shelves stocked while keeping their standards high. They wanted to make sure every product was top-notch, the buying process was smooth, orders went out fast, and customer service was top-notch. But doing all that meant they needed a smart way to handle their inventory, especially as they got busier.


To tackle their inventory challenges head-on, Apfelband teamed up with Fabrikatör and used some nifty tools:

  • Backorder Feature: With Fabrikatör's Backorder feature, Apfelband never misses a sale, even if something's temporarily out of stock. This not only minimizes potential revenue loss but also keeps customers happy by ensuring product availability. They also use the backorder feature for doing a market search as they preorder for the new season to see which products will be higher in demand.
  • Create PO and PO Approval/Rejection: By utilizing Fabrikatör's Create PO and PO approval/rejection functionalities, Apfelband streamlines its procurement process, facilitating timely and accurate inventory ordering to effectively meet demand fluctuations.
  • Minimum Order Quantity and Batch Size Settings: By carefully setting up minimum order quantities and batch sizes in Fabrikatör, Apfelband manages inventory levels effectively, balancing between avoiding surplus stock and preventing shortages.
  • Reports: By diving into Fabrikatör's reports, Apfelband stayed on top of their inventory like pros. They could see what was flying off the shelves, what was gathering dust, and when it was time to restock.
  • Replenishment Page: Using Fabrikatör's replenishment page, Apfelband efficiently managed their inventory replenishment process, ensuring they stayed agile and responsive to market demands.


Thanks to their partnership with Fabrikatör, Apfelband tackled their inventory challenges head-on and solidified their spot as the go-to place for awesome Apple Watch accessories. By making the most of Fabrikatör's tools, they not only overcame their operational hurdles but also opened up new avenues for growth. With their unwavering focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and staying ahead of the game, Apfelband is set to keep rocking the e-commerce world for years to come.

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