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Revolutionizing Oral Care Supply Chains with Fabrikatör

Discover how mate, the game-changer in oral care, optimized its purchasing processes and achieved a 30-hour monthly time saving with Fabrikatör's innovative solutions. Explore the transformation from manual procurement challenges to an efficient, data-driven supply chain.

About Mate

👥 Team Size: 2 | 📍 Düsseldorf, Germany | 🪥 Healthcare| 🛍️ Shopify

Damian and Mert, the entrepreneurial minds from Düsseldorf and Essen behind mate, a game-changer in the oral care industry. Launched in 2022, mate isn't just a toothbrush; it's a stylish and powerful statement born out of a quest for a better alternative in the market.


To listen to the challenges articulated by Co-Founder Mert Gönensay, please find the video below. The main challenges encompassed:

Inaccurate Inventory Forecasting:

Mate struggled with predicting the demand for their diverse range of mate products accurately. This led to overstocking of certain items and stockouts of popular products, affecting cash flow and customer satisfaction.

Manual Procurement Processes:

The existing manual procurement processes were time-consuming and prone to errors. This not only increased the workload but also resulted in delays and inefficiencies in the supply chain.

Sea Freight vs Air Freight:

Mate faced a critical decision-making challenge in choosing between air freight and sea freight for their ordered products. The complexity of this decision impacted their overall logistics strategy, requiring a solution to navigate efficiently between these shipping methods.


Fabrikatör stepped in to address mate's challenges by providing innovative solutions to enhance their purchasing planning process:

Automated Supply Planning:

Fabrikatör's system analyzed historical sales data and current inventory levels to generate intelligent purchasing suggestions. This feature eliminated the need for manual calculations and guesswork in determining optimal reorder quantities, ensuring that Mate maintained optimal inventory levels without overstocking or facing stockouts.

Efficient Replenishment:

With the intelligent restock suggestions system in place, mate could swiftly generate purchase orders based on the recommended quantities at the right time. This not only accelerated the procurement process but also minimized the risk of human error associated with manual order creation.

PO Sharing with Suppliers:

Fabrikatör facilitated seamless communication by allowing mate to share generated purchase orders directly with suppliers. This eliminated the delays and inefficiencies associated with manual communication methods, ensuring that suppliers received timely and accurate information about Mate's inventory needs.

Time Savings:

The integration of intelligent restock suggestions and real-time PO sharing resulted in substantial time savings for mate.

"A great product does not make a good store. That's why our top priority is service."
Mert Gönensay


By implementing these solutions, Fabrikatör not only automated and streamlined Mate's purchasing processes but also introduced a data-driven approach to decision-making, addressing the challenges of manual procurement and paving the way for a more efficient and error-free supply chain. By leveraging Fabrikatör's capabilities, Mate was able to save an impressive 30 hours per month that would have otherwise been spent on manual procurement tasks.

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