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Swoveralls' Success: Transforming Operations with Fabrikatör

Discover how Swoveralls, the innovative apparel brand from Brooklyn, overcame inventory management challenges using Fabrikatör. Learn how founder Kyle Bergman streamlined operations, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

About Swoveralls

👥 Team Size: 9 | 📍 New York, USA | 👖 Apparel | 🛍️ Shopify

Swoveralls is a groundbreaking fusion of sweatpants and overalls that defines a new level of comfort you never knew you needed. Swoveralls, designed for everyone, offers inclusive sizing that embraces all body types, ensuring comfort for adults and children alike.

More than a mere garment, Swoveralls redefines comfort with a commitment to a better, cozier world. The brand's mission is to craft the world's comfiest apparel using sustainable resources and ethical manufacturing processes. In a nutshell, Swoveralls stands for comfort with a purpose.


Swoveralls faced typical challenges in the e-commerce apparel sector, dealing with the laborious task of managing inventory, reordering, and stock analysis using inefficient Excel-based methods

This silent challenge required substantial daily effort, as navigating pivot tables and data manipulation posed constant obstacles in their quest for streamlined inventory management.

"I used to spend a ton of time, pulling my hair out, managing inventory, placing reorders, understanding what I need on hand."


In response to these challenges, Kyle turned to Fabrikatör, a transformative tool that streamlined inventory management and integrated seamlessly with Shopify. The solution extended beyond mere automation, offering detailed features tailored to Swoveralls' needs.

With Fabrikatör, Kyle leveraged specific functionalities such as suggested restocks based on detailed analyses of available inventory, incoming stock, and past sales data.

The integration with ShipHero and the implementation of backorders further fortified their inventory management strategy.

The migration to Fabrikatör was a strategic move for Swoveralls. This transition featured a comprehensive 45-minute onboarding session, guaranteeing a seamless integration. The swift and effortless migration of existing purchase orders, completed in less than 10 minutes using Fabrikatör's import tool, further streamlined the process. Continuous live chat support has strengthened this collaborative partnership.

You can view Kyle's explanation of Fabrikatör's impact on Swoveralls on LinkedIn here.

"Swoveralls ain’t a thing, it’s a way of life. So adjust your straps and buckle up because where we’re going…we won’t need waistbands."
Kyle Bergman
Founder & Chief Swoveralls Officer


The impact of Fabrikatör on Swoveralls' operations was profound. From managing thousands of SKUs in seconds to reducing the weekly reordering process to a mere 20 minutes, Kyle gained efficiency and redirected his focus to strategic business initiatives. The punchlines of this success story resonate in the details: Excel's tyranny was replaced by dynamic analytics, and the ability to effortlessly manage a vast inventory with precision.

"I look at this every Monday and decide what order I should place with my suppliers. Previously, using a ton of Excel sheets, pivot tables, dropping and manipulating data… That’s all gone. I don’t have to do that anymore to place reorders. Now it literally takes me no more than 20 minutes once a week."

In embracing Fabrikatör, Swoveralls not only found a solution to their challenges but also a catalyst for growth, innovation, and a more comfortable future.

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