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Step into Success with VIBAe and Fabrikatör

Discover how VIBAe partnered with Fabrikatör to revolutionize the footwear industry. Overcoming stockouts through backorders and enhancing forecasting with Smart Supply Planning, this collaboration improved customer satisfaction and empowered VIBAe's mission of spreading good vibes globally, one comfortable step at a time.

About VIBAe

👥 Team Size: 9 | 📍 Helsinki, Finland | 👞 Apparel | 🛍️ Shopify

VIBAe, a global company founded by five friends from Malibu and Finland, is a startup with a mission to create ecological, ergonomic, and comfortable footwear. Inspired by a camper van trip across Finland, VIBAe emphasizes good vibes and values-driven entrepreneurship. With expertise in footwear and entrepreneurship, the team embarked on a journey to redefine standards in the industry.


Facing the challenges of startup entrepreneurship, VIBAe encountered inventory management issues, particularly concerning stockouts of their popular products, such as Roma slippers. The unpredictability of demand and the need for efficient backorder handling became pressing concerns.


Backorder Implementation:

VIBAe collaborated with Fabrikatör to integrate backorder functionality into their system, ensuring they capture sales even when products are temporarily out of stock. This approach proved crucial in meeting customer demand, maintaining customer satisfaction, and reducing potential revenue loss during stockouts.

Smart Supply Planning:

To address forecasting and planning challenges, VIBAe engaged with Fabrikatör to implement Smart Supply Planning. This tool provides a comprehensive forecast breakdown, allowing the team to visualize and plan for future demand accurately. The ability to edit and turn forecasts into purchase orders adds a layer of flexibility and efficiency in their supply chain management.

Thanks to Fabrikatör, we hold weekly production meetings where we discuss what should happen in the next two weeks.
Hannu Salminen
Co-Founder , Growth & Success Officer


The collaboration between VIBAe and Fabrikatör yielded tangible results in overcoming the challenges of a rapidly growing startup. By implementing backorders, VIBAe improved customer satisfaction and captured sales during stockouts. Moreover, the introduction of Smart Supply Planning empowered VIBAe with enhanced forecasting capabilities, fostering better inventory planning and reducing the impact of demand fluctuations. Overall, the partnership contributed to VIBAe's mission of spreading good vibes globally, one comfortable step at a time.

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