Key Benefits of Fabrikatör + Zero Integration

Effortless Inventory Forecasting and Demand Planning

Fabrikatör simplifies inventory management for Cin7 users: sync data for sales forecasts and replenishment strategies, achieving ideal stock levels and minimizing excess.

Tailored Multichannel Optimization

Fabrikatör enhances Cin7's multichannel and multiwarehouse management capability with inventory forecasting and optimization. Each sales channel and warehouse is treated individually, ensuring that your inventory strategy is perfectly aligned with each unique demand and supply scenario.

Automated Purchase Orders

Fabrikatör simplifies creating purchase orders for suppliers, turning it into an automated, time-saving process. By adhering to Fabrikatör's replenishment recommendations, Cin7 users can significantly cut down on excess stock and boost product availability, leading to savings and efficiency gains.

Inventory Reduction for Cin7 Omni Users

Fabrikatör addresses the issue of cash flow management by enabling users to reduce their inventory by up to 20% without sacrificing product availability. This strategic inventory management approach frees up capital, allowing retail owners to invest in growth opportunities.

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