Enhance Customer Engagement with Fabrikatör's Klaviyo Integration for Shopify

Streamline your customer communication and backorder management with Fabrikatör's integration for Klaviyo, tailored for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. This powerful partnership enables businesses to automate email communications, providing timely updates on product statuses, especially for backorders, ensuring customers are always informed and engaged.
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Key Benefits of Fabrikatör + Klaviyo Integration

Enhanced Backorder Management

With Fabrikatör and Klaviyo, managing backorders becomes a proactive process. Automatically inform customers about expected restock dates and offer alternatives or the option to cancel if the wait is too long, enhancing customer satisfaction but also reducing the likelihood of cancellations.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Create personalized email campaigns based on customer behavior and purchase history, directly from Klaviyo, with insights from Fabrikatör. Target customers with products they love, back-in-stock notifications, and exclusive updates, fostering a stronger connection and encouraging repeat business.

Strategic Email Campaigns

Utilize the data and analytics provided by Fabrikatör to design strategic email campaigns in Klaviyo. Inform customers about upcoming product releases, promotions, and restock dates efficiently to ensure that your communications are relevant, timely, and highly effective in driving sales.

Seamless Integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus

Fabrikatör's Klaviyo integration is designed to work seamlessly with Shopify and Shopify Plus, providing a straightforward setup process and immediate impact on your e-commerce strategy. Enhance your email marketing efforts with valuable inventory insights and automate customer communications.

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