🚀 New Features

  1. Reports feature is now live for all accounts
    We’re pleased to announce that the feature is now accessible to all Fabrikatör users. You can create and save your own custom reports by adding filters, columns, and groups. Freedom to data ✌️ To learn more about Reports, please check out the detailed guide.

    P.S. are you looking for Forecasts, Sales Performance, or Anomaly Detection? All of them are moved under the Reports tab.

  2. Purchase orders support cost tracking!
    It’s now possible to track your purchase orders cost without a hassle. Whenever you create a purchase order, unit prices of your products are going to be filled automatically if you’ve entered buying prices into your Shopify store. Don’t worry, you can always change unit price data. This feature allows you to track the real cost of goods sold and value in stock based on buying prices.

  3. Growth Goals tracking is live!
    You can set target revenue, AOV, and goals for critical metrics. All can be accessible under Control Center. To learn more about it, please check out our guides.

🔊 Chores

You can now filter your reports based on 100+ dimensions. To make them select easily, the filter selection popover is powered with searchable ability.

You can now update reports table content depending on your selection of the columns. You can also change the order of the columns quickly.

🐛 Fixes

You can now delete suppliers from Fabrikatör if you don’t work with them anymore, or you’ve created them by accident.

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