August 2023 Product Update

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August 29, 2023

🚀 What’s New

🚢 ✈️ Introducing Freight Planner

We're excited to introduce a new feature that empowers you with the ability to make informed decisions about freight types when placing purchase orders. The Freight Planner feature offers valuable suggestions for selecting the appropriate freight mode – air or ocean – based on various factors, ensuring optimal balance between speed and cost.

With the new Freight Planner feature, you now have access to intelligent suggestions that assist them in choosing the most suitable freight type for each purchase order and deciding which freight type they should use based on project savings. Here's how it works:

🧩 Improvements

🚢 🛒 Backorder Theme Extension

Whether you're adding items from search results, collection pages, or the product page, you'll now see the expected arrival date and preorder buttons directly in your shopping cart. This lets your customers easily view the ETA and preorder items that are currently on backorder.

↩️ Revert Received Inventory

No need to worry if you've made an error in recording the received inventory for a particular purchase order and it's been sent to Shopify.

You have the option to effortlessly revert the received inventory for Purchase Orders. Additionally, you're in control of whether to update this action on Shopify or not. It's all within your control! Learn More!

🔍 Backorder Detection

Behind the scenes, we have made significant improvements to the backorder detection system in Fabrikatör. This update is designed to empower you with more accurate insights and timely notifications about potential backorders. With this enhancement, you can expect Fabrikatör to capture additional backorders that might have been previously overlooked.

Customized Theme Compatibility: Some Shopify stores incorporate non-standard theme customizations, including elements like quick add buttons through custom code. Previously, Fabrikatör's tracking mechanism might have overlooked these instances. However, we're thrilled to announce that our system has been fine-tuned to recognize such customizations and seamlessly integrate them into the backorder detection process.

Other Sales Channels: We understand that your business may extend to other sales channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Previously, Fabrikatör's compatibility with Shopify add-ons posed limitations in these scenarios because of Meta limitations. We're excited to share that we've expanded Fabrikatör's capabilities, enabling it to seamlessly.

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