June 2024 Product Update

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June 24, 2024

🚀 What’s New

🏷️  Introducing Receiving Inventory via Barcode Scanner!

Fabrikatör now lets you receive inventory with the power of barcode scanning. This update is perfect if you manage your own warehouse and receive inventories via barcode scanner, saving you tons of time and reducing errors.

Here's how it works (in just 3 steps!):

  1. Click "Receive Inventory" on the purchase order.
  2. Click "Receive via Barcode Scanner" button.
  3. Scan the product barcode to see it in action, or manually enter the quantity if needed after scanning the product. And Save your changes.


Want to learn more? Check out our article in the Help Center.

🧩 Improvements

🌟 Long-Term Supply & Demand Plan Improvements

📊 New Forecasting Strategy: Last Year's Sales Performance with Your Growth Rate

Introducing a new forecasting strategy within the Fabrikatör plan feature! Now, alongside the  Fabrikatör AI algorithm, you can use  Last Year's Sales Performance combined with your defined growth rate.

You can create scenarios like “Let’s grow sales by 50% compared to last year” and adjust your plans according. Here's how it works:

  • Select Last Year's Sales Performance: Choose this strategy to base your demand plan on the previous year's sales data.
  • Set Your Growth Rate: Set how much you’ll grow in the upcoming period (e.g., 150%) to project future demand. We will calculate your demand plan by multiplying last year's sales performance by your specified growth rate.
Long-Term Supply & Demand Plan

Ready to take your demand forecasting to the next level? Try now!

Want to learn more? Click here for additional insights.

🧹 Reset to Baseline

Tired of manually reverting changes in your demand plan? We've got you covered!

This update introduces a simple way to reset all edited values back to baseline.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select the products you want to reset.
  2. Click the new "Reset to Baseline" button.

Voila! Your edited values are gone, and your plan is back to its original state.

For more insights, click here.

Reset to Baseline

🔄 Keep Your Forecast Fresh!

Your sales are constantly changing, and your plan should adapt to it! We're excited to announce a new feature that allows you to refresh your forecast with the most up-to-date sales information.

When you refresh your forecast:

  • Your demand plan will be automatically updated with the latest sales data.
  • Ensure accuracy and relevancy in your planning process.
  • Stay agile and responsive to market changes.
Keep Your Forecast Fresh!

Want to learn more? Click here for additional insights.

🚨 Long-Term Demand & Supply Plan feature is currently in beta, and access is limited to selected users.

Other Improvements

  • Enhanced User Experience: We've added a loading state to the Demand Plan. Now, when updating a product, variant, or month, a loading icon appears to keep you informed about the progress of your edits.
  • Improved Klaviyo Integration: Our Klaviyo integration now offers more control over email notifications for customers who purchased preorder products from incoming purchase orders. Previously, updates to Klaviyo email content triggered notifications to all users, regardless of order status. With our latest update, you can choose to notify only users whose orders remain unfulfilled by toggling the "Notify Only Unfulfilled Backorders" option within the update interface.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • We've resolved an issue where an extra zero was incorrectly added when rendering monthly totals in the demand plan. Previously, quantities such as 2703 were displayed as 27030, and quantities like 5305 appeared as 53050. This bug has been fixed to accurately reflect the intended total quantities for each month in your planning process.

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