March 2024 Product Update

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March 19, 2024

🚀 What’s New

🧭New Navigation Menu

We continue to improve your navigation experience. Here are the newest updates:

  • "Open To Buy" is now called "Suggested Restocks".
  • The "Replenish" page now includes tabs for "Stockouts," "Sales at Risk," and "Incoming."
  • Under the "Product" page, we've introduced "Components" tab for easier access, displaying component products.
  • The "Missing Supplier" tab is also located under the "Product" page.
  • A new "Overdue" tab has been added to the Purchase Order to display overdue POs.
  • "Purchase Orders" are now directly accessible from the Navigation menu.
  • "Products," "Suppliers," "Bundles" and “Stock Alerts” are now located under Configure!

⛴️📦Freight Method & Tracking Code

We've given Purchase Orders a fresh new look 🌟Now, you can arrange "Order Details" and "Shipment Details" separately, which gives you more control over your Purchase Orders.

But that's not all – we've added some handy features:

  • Freight Method & Tracking Code: You can now include these details in your purchase orders.
  • Exporting Options: Easily export the Freight Method and Tracking Code in CSV or PDF format.

👀 Want to see how it works? Check out the demo below!

Learn more about Freight Method & Tracking Code on help center!

🧩 Improvements

🌟Long-Term Supply & Demand Plan Improvements

  • We've improved the visibility of editable cells in the Demand Plan, creating a fresh view for you!
  • Compare to the Same Period Last Year: A new bar chart added to the Demand Plan allows you to compare planned demand with the same period last year.
  • Restock Frequency Graph: Now included in the Restock Frequency modal, providing a visual representation of purchase order distribution based on selected PO Frequency across the specified date period of the plan.

🚨This feature is currently in beta, and access is limited to selected users.

📝Bulk edit on Product Page

Exciting updates have been made to our Product Page. You can now perform bulk edits for Lead Time, Forecasting Days, Days of Stock, Supplier, MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), Batch Size, and Supplier SKU (Input your supplier sku directly from the product page).

Learn More: How to Bulk Edit Products

Other Improvements

The default Forecasting Days value has been updated to 30 days, previously set at 7 days. Now, when you add new products on Shopify, they will automatically have their forecasting days set to 30. However, we recommend verifying and adjusting this value as necessary to best suit your specific needs and preferences.

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