February 2024 Product Update

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February 21, 2024

🚀 What’s New

🌟Long term Demand & Supply Planning

Fabrikatör proudly presents our newest feature, long-term Demand & Supply Planning 🚀

Step into the future of inventory planning and enjoy these direct benefits:

  • Precision in demand prediction with AI-powered forecasts
  • Seasonality and trends are factored into your plans
  • Easily adjust the demand forecasts
  • Recommended Purchase Order: Convert demand plans into Recommended Purchase Orders with a single click!

🚨This feature is currently in beta, and access is limited to selected users.

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📈Landed Cost

Introducing the new Landed Cost feature!

Easily include all your additional costs like duty, freight, insurance, and customs directly into your Purchase Orders. Plus, distinguish between Total Product Price and Total Landed Cost effortlessly!

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🧩 Improvements

🛒Supply Planning is now Replenish

We've updated our navigation menu to enhance your experience 🎉

  • "Supply Planning" is now "Replenish".
  • Access the "Open To Buy" page under the "Replenish" section.
  • You can still use old URLs; you'll be automatically redirected to the new ones.

Other Improvements

Easily update forecasting days for products in bulk via CSV Import. Additionally, we've added Forecasting Days as a filtering option on the Product Page.

Learn More: How to Bulk Update Products

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