October 2023 Product Update

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October 12, 2023

🚀 What’s New

🛍️Multiple Shopify Store Integrations

We just launched the Multiple Shopify Store Integration feature. With this integration, you will see the sales revenue of multiple stores in one place, and your backorders will be synced across stores. This feature is helpful if you have several Shopify stores and they all have the same products. Watch Video!

Watch Video

📦Batch Size

This function enables you to generate purchase orders that adhere to your batch size specifications by adjusting the order quantities up or down. When you order your goods in predetermined amounts like cartons, containers or larger boxes it ensures compliance with the requisite order amounts.

📊Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

This feature makes your PO creation process faster, error-free and compliant with your suppliers’ minimum order quantity requirements. You can set MOQs for each SKU from the products page within Fabrikatör and get MOQ warnings when creating or editing POs. Learn More about MOQ and Batch Size!

Watch Video!

📤Product Bulk Update&Export

We've made it easy for you to export and update product details, simplifying how you manage product specifications. Now, you can quickly update Supplier SKU, MOQ, and Batch Size in bulk, making your work more efficient. Learn More

🧩 Improvements

🏷️Tags on Shopify for potential backorder

We just introduced a new Shopify tag "FABRIKATOR_BACKORDER_REVIEW" to identify and manage backorders from sales channels like Facebook, Instagram, and custom themes in Shopify. Learn More!

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