September 2023 Product Update

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September 14, 2023

🚀What’s New

🛡️Introducing PO Reject

We've introduced a new feature called "PO Reject." This powerful addition empowers you like never before, allowing you to effortlessly reject purchase order items. Whether you're dealing with items that can't be received, are damaged, or have been sent by mistake, PO Reject has you covered. Learn More!

PO Reject

🧩 Improvements

🌐📅 Backorder Date Formats

We've heard your feedback! Now, you have the freedom to choose how date formats are displayed on backordered products. The improved Backorder accommodates various date formats and automatically adapts to your website's language.

🏷️ Buying Price Information in Shopify

We've addressed the issue by now retrieving buying price information when a product is created freshly in Shopify.

📅 Date & Numbers Settings Improvement

We've put you in control of how you view dates and numbers on Fabrikatör. 🗓️ Now, you can easily customize your preferences by choosing between European or US date and number formats. It's all about making Fabrikatör work the way you want it to!

📝 Shopify Vendor Info for Product Blacklisting

In addition to being able to blacklist products based on Shopify tags and product types, we've added a new feature that utilizes Shopify vendor information for product blacklisting. Get in touch with us if you’d like to hide products in your account based on vendor.

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