April 2024 Product Update

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April 23, 2024

🚀What’s New

🔢 PO Number Edit Settings

The long-awaited feature for editing and setting Purchase Order numbers is finally here!

With this update, you can now:

  1. Set Prefix and Start Date: Directly set your prefix and Next PO number from the settings menu. Based on the newly set PO Number, the PO numbers will increase incrementally.
  2. Edit PO Numbers: Easily edit PO numbers directly from the Purchase Order page, giving you greater flexibility and control over your purchasing processes.

For more information please visit help articles.

📐Product Setup Required widget

The "Product Setup Required" widget is now live and accessible from the Control Center. 🌸 This new feature will promptly notify you about any missing information regarding:

  • Lead Time
  • Forecasting Days
  • Days of Stock
  • Supplier

Additionally, keep an eye on your daily inventory insight email, where you'll find a similar widget providing essential information right in your inbox. 👀

🎯New Onboarding Experience

Introducing a revamped self-onboarding feature tailored for new users! Our aim is to streamline the onboarding process and provide a clear understanding of Fabrikatör's capabilities.

This feature includes:

  • Displaying synced data during installation
  • Simple setup of lead time, days of stock, and forecasting days via the Get Started page
  • Effortless matching of suppliers and products
  • Easy access to schedule a demo meeting with co founders

💡 This feature is available for users who installed Fabrikatör after March 25, 2024.


🌟Long-Term Supply & Demand Plan Improvements

New Navigation:

  • Have you checked out the revamped Long term Demand & Supply Planning feature? We've simplified the navigation steps!

Other Improvements:

  • We noticed Total purchase amount is not visible enough so that we revamped. The PO Restock Frequency feature, and now the total purchase amount is more visible.
  • We realized that the “Convert to PO” term is confusing while creating PO from the Supply Plan. The "Convert to PO" button has been renamed as "Edit & Approve PO” to better understanding.

Ready to explore? Let's create a plan and delve deeper!

🚨 Long-Term Demand & Supply Plan feature is currently in beta, and access is limited to selected users.

📅Overdue PO Emails

Last month, we introduced a new "Overdue" tab in the Purchase Order section to display overdue POs.Now, you will receive emails every day about overdue POs if you have any. Additionally, each Monday, you will receive a weekly report email about the overdue POs.

💼Fractional Bundle

We're pleased to announce the launch of fractional bundle inputs for bundle creation. You can now configure your product bundles with fractional quantities (e.g., 0.5, 0.25) for bundle components. This enhancement seamlessly integrates with all aspects of Fabrikatör, including suggestions, reports, purchase orders, and more.

Access the bundle page directly from here: Bundle Page

Additionally, we recommend checking out our article on bundles for more information and guidance: Bundles Help Article

Other Improvements

  • We've extended the Reference Number and Currency fields on the purchase order. If the Reference Number was so long, it was creating UX problem and not showing all text.

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