November 2023 Product Update

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November 16, 2023

🚀 What’s New

📦 MOQ and Batch Size Item Warnings

After the launch of MOQ and Batch Size features, we received further feedback from you suggesting better ways to show warnings in the PO Edit screen.

MOQ and Batch Size warnings are now available next to each product on the Purchase Order in addition to bulk warnings. It will help you which items will be rounded up or down based on the order quantity of the product.

How does this help you?

You can easily identify items that don't meet the required quantities, allowing for swift adjustments by rounding up or down on a per-item basis. You will make informed purchasing decisions, and meet supplier requirements without overstocking or underordering. Just the right amount, every single time!

⛴️✈️Freight Planner

Making informed shipping decisions just got easier with our new Freight Planner, designed to optimize your transport strategy for purchase orders. Whether you prefer air freight for speed or ocean freight for economy, Freight Planner uses your product's forecasted stockout dates and financial impact to determine the best method.

Here's how you can cut down freight costs by using this game-changing feature: Learn more↗

🧩 Improvements

💻Performance Improvements

We've implemented significant performance enhancements in the Reports and Purchase Orders sections, particularly for large data sets. You will experience a noticeable increase in speed when accessing Reports and Purchase Orders. If any interaction within Fabrikatör doesn't feel incredibly fast, please let us know.

🛒Duplicate product detection

If there are duplicate products in the Purchase Order, Fabrikatör detects and warns you on the Purchase Order Page. It’ll help you to prevent the creation of purchase orders with duplicated products.

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