May 2024 Product Update

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May 20, 2024

🚀What’s New

🧮 New Suggested Restocks!

We've revamped how we calculate suggested restock quantities on the Replenish Page, introducing a fresh approach based on your inventory projections.

Fabrikatör illustrates your inventory projections based on a timeline. Now, you can easily:

📊 View stock projections via a timeline, showing when products are out of stock, in stock, and when restocking is needed.

🔍 Understand how key events like incoming POs, bundle, and backorder sales impact stock suggestions!

Curious to see the new Suggested Restock Pop-up in action? Check it out on the Replenish Page 👀

Watch the below to see how it works.

For more detailed insights, dive into our help articles:

📝 Reports and Replenish Page Descriptions

Navigating through Reports and the Replenish Page is now easier than ever! Each page now features clear explanations of its purpose, making it simple to understand its functionality at a glance.

But wait, there's more! You can now add and edit descriptions on your custom reports, making them more informative and tailored to your needs.

For more detailed guidance, visit our help article here.


🌟Long-Term Supply & Demand Plan Improvements

Edit Variant & Month:

  • You've been looking to set monthly sales quantities and variants in additon to product group and see how they affect your demand plan, right?
  • Now, you can edit product variants and month values directly, dynamically updating the total month demand as well as the product demand for those variants.
  • This makes it easier to adjust variant and total month details and see the immediate impact on demand plan.

For more information please visit help article here.

🚨 Long-Term Demand & Supply Plan feature is currently in beta, and access is limited to selected users.

Other Improvements

  • We've removed the last product line item validation from the PO create and edit pages. Now you can create a PO without error if last line item of the PO is empty.
  • Now, only the edit button is editable on the PO edit/create screen for PO line items. Previously, clicking on PO line items made them editable. Now, you should click the edit button.

🐞Bug Fixes

  • We've resolved the bug where due to time zone differences selecting a date on the calendar (e.g., when creating a PO) would cause the previous day to be selected.

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